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Join USAOCR and shape the sport of OCR in the United States

USAOCR’s membership program is open to all OCR athletes who race or participate in the United States. 

Annual Member Benefits

Full benefits package coming in 2018.

  • Member Discounts, see below!
  • Excess accident and medical insurance while participating in USAOCR sanctioned events
  • Qualify for Team USA and compete at recognized international OCR Championship events
  • Represent the United States at OCR championships and Games
  • Become a national champion! Eligibility to compete at USAOCR regional and national championships
  • Inclusion in the national ranking system
  • Race and product discounts
  • Participation in the OCR Awards for achievements and community engagement
  • Shape the future of OCR by joining Committees and Commissions
  • Use of official training centers, locations to be announced

Membership Fees

$30 annual membership coming soon

Registration and Payment

All athletes registered for a U.S. OCR National Championship must be a member of USAOCR to be eligible for results, rankings, prize money and representation on the national team.

Member supported initiatives

  • Youth development
  • Club growth and support
  • Collegiate competitions
  • Safety and fairness at all sanctioned races
  • Coach training and certification
  • National teams development 
  • Promoting the health and wellness through the OCR lifestyle


If you have questions regarding membership, please email us at or call us at (719) 717-9977. 

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