2020 Ninja OCR National Championships

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA), is the official National League of USAOCR for Ninja Competitions with over 100 qualifying events across the nation.

UNAA promotes and organises the US international series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms and competitions across the Untied States. Athletes qualify for the UNAA World Series Finals through the national series.

UNAA competitions are based on performance and time. The series allows athletes of all abilities to compete, and the top athletes in the sport are provided a chance to make a livelihood doing what they love, on a grand stage.

The UNAA World Series includes  National Finals, Continental Finals  and the Ultimate Ninja World Series Finals each year.

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2020 National Series

Races are on hold due to COVID-19

The U.S. National Series includes five races where contenders must conquer the best the sport has to offer. The Series includes races in FL,  WA, MT, UT and WV. 

The USAOCR  U.S. National Series features nearly $60,000 in prize money and acts as qualifiers for the  North American Championships and World Championship races in all distances.

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2019 Championships

The 3rd USAOCR National Championships were held on October 27th at the Black Diamond Obstacle Course, Columbus Jewish Community Center, Columbus, OH .

2018 Championships

The 2nd USAOCR National Championships was held on December 9th at Castaic Lake, CA. The event was hosted by Spartan Race.

2017 Championships

The  inaugural USAOCR National Championships was held on April 30th at Amelia Earhart Park, Hialeah FL. The event was hosted by Spartan Race.