The World OCR Officials Development Program

Event Organisers and competitors expect Obstacle Sports Race Officials (“Officials”) to know the competition rules and behave in a professional manner. 

There are three basic expectations for officials in the Program:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the competition rules
  • Knowledge and compliance with policies and procedures
  • Professional behaviour

Certified Officials are held accountable to meet these expectations.

Officials Certification

Training and certification of officials is central to FISO's goal of ensuring fair and safe Competition opportunities for athletes. The training and certification processes promote a serious and professional approach to officiating and demonstrate an official's commitment to excellence. As an official gains experience and additional training, FISO recognises skill development through four (4)  levels of certification.

Officials work with diverse populations and face demands from their athletes, parent’s, guardians, administrators, the media and spectators. They fulfil a variety of roles including mentor, educator, technical advisor, psychologist and race managers. 

Certification Requirements

1.  Complete the appropriate rules review (on-line test)

2.  Complete SafeSport training (on-line programme)

3.  Complete a background check or equivalent as required in your country

4.  Provide a current digital photo (headshot)

5.  Complete any additional requirements established by your national federation

The development of competent and effective Officials is critical for the healthy development of obstacle sports and its athletes. The FISO Officials Programme has five key objectives: 

1. To grow and develop the sport globally by making officials education accessible to all National Federations (NF’s) and their members;

2. Providing a framework for Officials education and development for NF’s to develop obstacle sports in their country with effective Officials from grassroots to world level events;

3. Providing a development system to increase Official’s competence and effectiveness through international standards, 

4. To provide a mechanism by which Officials from all NFs can progress along the Officiating pathway, 

5. Quality assurance by providing standards in a flexible framework that adapts to the large range of obstacle disciplines and events. 

The FISO Officials Development Programme is designed to ensure all elements remain relevant and capable of producing effective, top quality Officials globally who meet the needs of events at every level and assist them to perform to their potential.