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By Joining USAOCR you agree to abide by the USAOCR Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct (link below), and uphold US SafeSport requirements.

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As a member of USA Obstacle Course Racing (USAOCR), I hereby agree to uphold the Code of Conduct (the “Code”), which provides a guide to my behavior, on and off the racecourse, and when representing or discharging my duties as a member of USAOCR.

I have familiarized myself with the Code and understand that acceptance of its provisions is a condition of my membership of the USAOCR. 

I hereby promise and agree that I: 

  • will abide by all rules related to USAOCR; 
  • have acted and will act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct; 
  • will not commit a doping violation as defined by the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”), World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”), the United States Olympic Committee (“USOC”) or the World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sport d’Obstacles (“FISO”) rules; 
  • am not currently serving a suspension because of an anti-doping rule violation and have no pending or unresolved anti-doping rule violations, except as I have informed USAOCR in writing, and I understand that such suspension, or pending or unresolved anti-doping rule violation may be cause for my not being selected to the Team; 
  • will not engage in any conduct that is criminal under any laws applicable to me, including, but not limited to laws governing the possession and use of drugs and alcohol and providing of drugs to any person and of alcohol to minors; 
  • am eligible to compete under the rules of the FISO and USAOCR; 
  • will refrain from conduct detracting from my ability or that of my fellow athletes to attain peak performance; 
  • will respect the property of others whether personal or public; 
  • will respect members of USAOCR, spectators and officials, and engage in no form of discriminatory behavior or verbal, physical or sexual harassment or abuse; 
  • am aware that USAOCR sponsors, suppliers and licensees provide critical support for USAOCR and, in recognition of this fact, I will wear designated USAOCR apparel when required as a member of a FISO event; 
  • will represent myself authentically in online communications as I interact with fans, team members, fellow competitors, governing bodies and sponsors (both current and potential; personal and USAOCR). I understand that remarks I make on social platforms can be considered “on the record” for the media, and I will avoid posting inflammatory statements or discussing sensitive, confidential and potentially divisive subjects. I will exercise good judgment and will be mindful to represent myself, my family, my sport, USAOCR and the spirit of Olympic competition in a positive way; 
  • agree to be filmed and photographed by the official photographer(s) and network(s) of USAOCR under conditions authorized by USAOCR and give event organizers and USAOCR the right to use my name, picture, likeness, and biographical information before, during and after the period of my participation in these activities to promote the activity in which I participate or to promote the success USAOCR; in no event may USAOCR or the event organizers use or authorize the use of my name, picture, likeness, voice and biographical information for the purpose of trade, including any use in a manner that would imply an endorsement of any company, product, or service, without my written permission; 
  • will not use or authorize the use of photographs, films or videos of myself in my USAOCR apparel or equipment or the use of the USAOCR logo for the purpose of trade, without the prior written consent of the USAOCR (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld); 
  • will act in a way that will bring respect and honor to myself, my fellow athletes, USAOCR and the United States; and 
  • will remember that at all times I am an ambassador for obstacle sports and the United States. 


I have read and accept this Code of Conduct. I agree to the rules, guidelines, jurisdiction and procedures stated in these documents as a condition of being a member of USAOCR.