The organization of USAOCR includes the following committees:

  • Athletes’ Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Para-athletes Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Clubs & Teams Committee
  • Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Race Director Commission

Much of the work for USAOCR is performed by volunteers who help put on events and training programs and carry out national and regional tasks. Committees have been formed to advise the USAOCR Board of Directors and work with the National Office and other members to promote and improve participation in training and events. All Committees report to the Board of Directors, and all Committee members have the right to attend Board meeting. It is the responsibility of the members of each of the Committees to support USAOCR´s efforts to develop Obstacle Racing and related Sports in the United States. 

Athletes' Committee

Chair: Ms. Andi Hardy

Vice Chair: Mr. Jason Goggins

Members: Ms. Alyssa Davis Foley, Mr. Troy Kaster, Mr. Tony Matesi

The Athletes’ Committee shall facilitate and promote communication between USAOCR and currently active athletes, and serve as a source of opinion and advice to USAOCR's Board on current and prospective policies of USAOCR. The Athletes Committee shall make recommendations to the Board on issues related to the needs and concerns of the elite athlete members of USAOCR . The Athlete Director shall automatically serve as a member of the committee. The remaining committee members shall either meet the qualifications to serve on governing boards as defined by the USOC or be a current member of USAOCR. There shall be one (1) member representing each of the five (5) regions. 

Clubs and Teams Committee

Chair: Mr. Justin Scholl

Vice Chair: Dr. Ande Wegner

Members: Ms. Jenni Crites, Ms. Casey Rotondi, Mr. Ed Leon, Mr. Jon Greening, Mr. Steve Green, Mr. Jerry Caughman

USAOCR actively promotes clubs and teams to potential members and works to create new programs to encourage activity throughout the club system. Whether you are looking to join or start a club or team, USAOCR has the resources you are looking for. ​

Ethics Committee

Chair: Mr. Jack Donenfeld

Vice Chair: Mr. Tim Wiseman

Members: Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Jerry Caughman

The responsibility of the Ethics Committee is to enforces the USAOCR Code of Ethics, and investigate this violations. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Board of Directors.

Governance Committee

Chair: Mr. Tim Wiseman

Vice Chair: Mr. Robert Smith

Members: Mr. Jerry Caughman

The Nominating and Governance Committee shall be responsible for: 

  • Assures a fair election process
  • Recommends to the Board any changes in governance that would enhance the participation of members, or the efficiency of the Regional Councils or the Board
  • Identifies and encouraging qualified members to participate in volunteer governance at all levels 
  • Creates and maintaining programs to stimulate member participation in the election of governance volunteers

Media Committee

Chair: Mr. Justin Manning

Vice Chair: Ms. Simone Waugh

Social Media Subcommittee Chair: Ms. Samantha Wishner

Members: Mr. Geraldo Mercado, Mr. Tony Matesi, Mr. Paul Hoffman

The Media Committee manages all aspects of marketing and media, including social media and PR.

Medical Committee

Chair: Dr. Stuart Weiss

Vice Chair: Dr. Trent Nessler

Members: Mr. Chris Joffe

  • The Medical Committee is responsible for establishing conditions at USAOCR sanctioned competitions, which ensure the health and safety of all participants.
  • Controls all Anti-doping policies and activities of USAOCR. Making sure that USAOCR complies with the WADA code and the IOC and USAOCR anti-doping rules.

Para-Athlete Committee

Chair: Open for Nominations

Members: Mr. Mike Larkin

  • Ensures compliance of races to para-athlete accessibility
  • Represents para-athletes. Ensures compliance of USAOCR with IPC standards

Technical Committee

Chair: Mr. David Magida

Vice Chair: Mr. Shawn Masur

Members: Mr. Miles Keller, Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Jerry Caughman

The Technical Committee supports the development of the sport. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Board of Directors. It's duties are:

  • To supervise the application of the Competition Rules and Operations’ Manual.
  • To prepare Resolutions concerning amendments to the Competition Rules and Operations’ Manual.
  • To propose Technical Delegates for official USAOCR competitions.

Women's Committee

Chair: Ms. Jenny Tobin

Vice Chair: 


  • The Women's Committee ensures equal opportunity for women in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing
  • Promotes recognition and representation of women
  • Creates policy for integration of women in all races

Race Director Commission

Chair: TBA

Vice Chair: TBA

The USAOCR Race Director Commission (RDC) functions as an advisory board to the USAOCR Board of Directors. This commission gives voice to race directors with sanctioned events. There are up to 12 participants on the commission, appointed by the Board and led by a Chairperson. Video conferences are held every quarter.