USA Obstacle Course Racing is extremely concerned with athlete health. We require USAOCR championship races to employ a Medical Delegate.

Role and Functions

The Medical Delegate (MD) is a professional who take part in safety and medical issues of the athletes during competitions. He/she needs to have experience in sports events, with knowledge in technical and operational issues related to triathlon world class events and expertise in anti-doping procedures and WADA related issues.

The MD has to be a member of the team of technical officials in order to know the technical operations and the possible scenarios of the competition.

Pre-Competition Tasks

The MD integrates with the Competition Manager, USAOCR Technical Delegate (TD) and Operations Manager from the beginning of the organization of the competition. He/she participates in every meeting related to technical and operational issues in order to be able to coordinate every aspect of the medical security with the local Race Medical Director.

The MD should request, review and approve the Events Medical Plan. This document should be approved no later than four weeks prior to the first competition day.

The MD must meet the Race Medical Director, Medical Staff and Anti-Doping Staff in advance in the last few days previous to the competition. MD has to transfer all the relevant information regarding the operative plan of the event to coordinate with them the Medical Plan. This information must include schedule of the event, maps of the courses, maps of alternative ways for evacuations and location of the closest hospitals, allocations of staffed stations and obstacle leaders and radio protocols to be used during the competition.

MD works with the Race Medical Director to manage the medical facilities in advance of the competition. 

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